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Data-Driven Intelligence
Unlock data potential. Take a decision on facts.

Drive tangible business outcomes with data and analytics at every opportunity. Differentiate your products, services and customer experiences and surpass your competition with an insight-based approach.

Data is only valuable if you turn it into actionable insights. That’s where we come in.

Making data a driver for your business success.

Regardless of territory or industry, our approach to solving data problems and increasing data capabilities for our clients always encompasses three dimensions:

Data Strategy

Draw a powerful data-led business model to maximize value creation and ensure continued competitiveness.

Data for Business

Enable your business users with actionable insights.

Data Foundation

Set up strong foundations to leverage data with simplicity, flexibility and efficiency at scale.

Want to know how we can help you in these three areas?

Devoteam Data Driven will set you on the path to success through data.

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Measuring Success Through Data

At Devoteam, we use a specialized framework developed in partnership with IDC to understand where an organization is in its data journey. This framework is made of up three different data maturity levels, Data Beginner, Data Explorer, and Data Thriver.

Note: just because an organization is a Data Thriver in one area, like data foundation, they could be a Data Beginner elsewhere in their organization. Every company’s goal should be to become a Data Thriver in the three key areas.

Find out more about each of the three levels:

A lack of consistent data culture leaves Data beginners in the early stages of understanding value and outlining strategy surrounding data. Any data-driven efforts are usually being made on an ad-hoc basis without company-wide implementation. Consequently, the Data Beginner can’t create business value using its data capabilities and stays stuck using outdated data analytics and visualization tools.

The Data Explorer has a stronger intent to maximize value from data but is in the earlier stages of realizing that vision operationally. They have a stronger strategy in place than Data Beginners but legacy technology and areas of untapped potential in translating data into hard metrics and impact on business outcomes leave them a step below Data Thrivers. Nonetheless, they have an awareness of the strategy and investments they need to put in place to be successful.

Data Thrivers have clear and achievable goals for leveraging data using a top-down strategy that includes all relevant stakeholders. They are focused on linking data programs to business outcomes and identifying relevant data and turning it into actionable insights. Having already implemented a world-class technical foundation, they will continue to embrace tech that gives them the ability to scale and speed to accelerate data-driven plans.

Find out more about this framework by checking out our e-book, made in collaboration with IDC.

Success Stories. Every journey to data-insights is different. Discover how these businesses met – and flew beyond – their ultimate goals.

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