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Corporate social responsibility

Our commitment to creating a positive impact on the people and the world around us.

We aim to offer our people and the world infinite opportunities, leveraging tech for a positive impact on society.

Our Strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) holds an important part of our corporate strategy. To lead and implement our commitment to a more sustainable impact, we created VEEP, Devoteam’s CSR strategy, based on four dimensions: Value | Environment | Ethics | People.


Creating sustainable value across our ecosystem, putting tech at the service of our clients and partners, as well as NGOs powered by our Devoteam Foundation.


Reducing carbon footprint across our entire value chain, focusing both our own impact and that of our ecosystem.


Complying with applicable laws and standards, and engaging all our stakeholders in our ethical and sustainable journey.


Providing an enriching environment to our people, championing talent density and diversity paired with infinite growth possibilities.

Encourage Devoteamers Citizenship through Devoteam Foundation


In 2018, the Devoteam Foundation launched the #TechforPeople program, to support associations and social entrepreneurs in their digital strategy, through the commitment of our people.

This program offers consultants different engagement formats to discover social innovation, accompany associations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and inspiring social entrepreneurs.

  • Pro bono work
    to help NGOs and associations define their needs around tech, and offer our support on their transformation plans for the long run.
  • #TechforPeople Labs
    a 3-hour smart and multidisciplinary workshop, where a mix of Devoteam experts solve business and tech issues for a specific NGO.


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Our purpose

Tech for people unlocks the future.

The power of imagination helps everyone to realise the true potential of change. We believe that the way to achieve that is through a creative mindset – being agile, innovative, sharing knowledge, and working cross-functionally.
In our vision, tech for people is not only about answering business challenges, but about making positive changes on a much wider scale:

  • Increase adaptability and creativity
  • Improve business profitability and efficiency
  • Providing our employees with an enriching environment to grow, including diverse and unexpected career paths
  • Generate a more sustainable society to ensure a better future for all of us

In line with this very ambitious vision, we have the mission to empower clients to imagine and realise better change. By fusing creativity, leading tech and strategy, we inspire our customers to transform their business.


Download our 2022 CSR report
Download our 2021 CSR report


Magali Regnault

Corporate Social Responsibility Director