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Growth must embed our Natural Capital

We promote tech to match our environmental challenges.

Tackling climate change is both a challenge and opportunity for Devoteam and our stakeholders. As a service provider, our environmental impact may not be as high as in other industries, but there is always room for improvement. Moreover, we are convinced that we have the keys to influence and support our clients and partners in taking action for positive impact.

Our key actions

Meassuring our impact

At Devoteam we have lead a carbon assessment at Group level, to set the baseline to take initiative and improve.

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Defining our strategy

We have set a goal as a Group to become Net Zero by 2030 and are defining paths to achieve it.

Promoting action

Through different initiatives Devoteamers can join in environmental and sustainable efforts and include good practices in their daily activities.

Creating awareness in our ecosystem

We aim to become greener with powerful digital tools and promote good practices with our clients and partners.

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Some of our actitivies

Using AI to study the impact of climate change on wildlife

Devoteam Foundation x CREA Mont Blanc

CREA Mont-Blanc studies alpine environments to understand how these are impacted by climate change.

With the support of Consultants from Devoteam Revolve, CREA Mont-Blanc has been able to better leverage collaborative science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process thousands of photos to gather data allowing for an informed decission making process.

© CREA Mont-Blanc

Commitment to biodiversity conservation

Mindful of environmental issues and biodiversity in particular, Devoteam Group is seeking to play its part in addressing these fundamental issues
by installing beehives on the roofs of its head office buildings.

Devoteam Group is hosting 3 hives in the rooftop of its Headquarters, with up to 180,000 bees during the summer who produce on avarage 30kg of honey each year.

The Devoteam Foundation has also supported Happyculteur, who promotes the protection of bees and biodiversity, by proposing accessible beekeeping.

Reforestation through our Blossom Engagement

As part of the On Boarding Process all new Devoteamers have the opportunity to counter-balance part of their Carbon Emissions by planting a tree in cooperation with Reforest’Action. Appart from the offset CO2 the initiative has so far:

  • +16,000 habitats for wild animals
  • +5,300 work spaces for local communities
  • +21,400 months of oxigen generated

Commitment of Devoteamers

Devoteamers from different geographies and business entities have come together to promote environmental actions within their communities.

Devoteam Earth Club: The Devoteam Earth Club is a space in Workplace that brings together everyone who wishes to get involved for nature and ecology at Devoteam. Devoteamers can propose and initiate actions, starting the movement and conversation in the office.

Devoteam Carbon Hackers: A community of Devoteamers who’s mission is to define, promote and encourage eco-responsible behaviour in our daily activities. Networking and sharing information in order to develop concrete actions to improve our ecological footprint. The Carbon Hackers participated in workshops, such as 2Tonnes and the Climate Fresk,to learn more about climate change, the impacts and alternatives.


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Join us. The value of creativity is exponential. And we believe in big investment in our talents. If you have a passion for driving sustainability and a desire to create better change with tailor-made solutions, get in touch.

Want to know more about our CSR strategy?


Creating sustainable value across our ecosystem, putting tech at the service of our clients and partners, as well as NGOs powered by our Devoteam Foundation.


Complying with applicable laws and standards, and engaging all our stakeholders in our ethical and sustainable journey.


Providing an enriching environment to our people, championing talent density and diversity paired with infinite growth possibilities.