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Accelerate the digital transformation with Robotic Process Automation

One of the most important technologies in companies’ digital transformation is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It has the potential to improve business agility and customer experiences.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a term used to describe the automation of work processes using software robots. This happens without any system integration and with few or no changes to your current IT landscape.

Devoteam has many years of experience with automating workflows, of which RPA is one of the tools we offer to make your and your colleagues’ everyday life easier. Our approach is very practical, which means that you quickly get some tools that you can continue to work with in your organization.

Our robots are built on software from market-leading technologies such as Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and UiPath. We advise, configure and implement your processes and give you and your employees thorough training so that you are well prepared to handle RPA.

Our approach. Qualified team of certified consultants

Process workshop and pipeline

Are you told that the tasks are too complex and everything is a matter of judgement? Do you lack the impact to find the next great automation idea? Together, we screen relevant processes and prepare a process catalog of suitable processes for automation. The purpose of this course is to enable you to assess what the next step should be on the automation journey.

Automation strategy and maturity analysis

Do you hear many success stories about RPA and don’t think you are in the same place? Then we offer a maturity analysis. The purpose of assessing the maturity of the automation initiative is to determine the current state and to identify areas of development in the company’s overall automation capability. ​This results in recommendations and concrete actions for how the automation capability can be strengthened and improved.

Digital tools

You have automated the first workflows using RPA and received organizational support to scale the project, but are unsure how best to organize it. We help you take the next step forward from PoC to production, anchoring in the company and the creation of a good governance structure around RPA.

Scale your RPA initiative

You have already RPA-automated a number of workflows, but miss a greater business impact. Is the majority of your time spent operating robots? Is time spent on operations made clear and easy to implement through ITSM/ITIL? Is the project’s success realized and visualized? We can help you scale your RPA initiative into a strategic part of the business. This may require a review of best practices, organisation, vision, strategy, ways of working, tools etc.

Service agreement

Is the majority of your time spent operating robots? We offer to take over the operation of your robots, so you can spend your time accelerating your business and projects. We ensure stable operation, and if challenges arise, we correct the errors.

Safety review of robotics

Do you have a larger RPA setup with a number of robots, but have not won the trust of all system owners due to a lack of platform documentation and a lack of standard operating procedures? Are you friends with the compliance department, or is something lagging behind? Is it difficult to patch software due to lack of overview of moving parts? We can help you get a handle on the security around your RPA setup.

Get in touch. Every great journey begins with a plan. Let’s talk about yours today.

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