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Copenhagen Airports optimizes the IT infrastructure with ServiceNow Discovery

The snapshot


Significant improvement of the IT infrastructure. From five data sources to only one


Quick and efficient implementation of ServiceNow Discovery in just 12 weeks. Start small, build bigger later


Trust and transparency between the client and the consultants from Devoteam. A collaboration that continues

The challenge

Copenhagen Airport, commonly referred to as CPH or Kastrup Airport, is the second largest and one of the busiest airports in Scandinavia. The airport employs approximately 20,000 people and more than 60,000 passengers pass through the three terminals each day.

Before using ServiceNow Discovery, CPH Airports had challenges with a multitude of different data sources and homemade integrations.

In order to get a current and complete overview of the various components, Copenhagen Airport wanted to dissolve the homemade integrations and apply ServiceNow Discovery instead. Largely, the aim of the project was to create a foundation for optimizing the entire IT infrastructure including on-premise and cloud services.

The solution

ServiceNow Discovery was developed and implemented over a period of 12 weeks from kick-off to go-live – with only very few bumps on the way. This was mainly due to a clearly described scope, early stakeholder involvement, day-to-day communication and successful collaboration between the client and the consultants from Devoteam.

As a result of the quick and efficient implementation, Copenhagen Airport now has a solution that automatically locates devices and applications on the network and stores them in the CMDB (ServiceNow Configuration Management Database).

The ServiceNow Discovery platform is easy to manage, maintain and expand. In other words, a solid base for further automation and further optimization across the platform and across the application portfolio.

The better change

A system for better security assessments, reporting capabilities, Service Mapping and CSDM (Common Service Data Model)

An up-to-date and accurate record of devices in use with visibility into ownership

A solid base for further automation and further optimization

“Today, after having implemented ServiceNow Discovery, the CMDB is based on an automated process instead of all the manual activities that we did before, so we have a much more smooth, easy to work with approach to maintaining our CMDB”.

“In particular the work with Devoteam has been great from the perspective that they have understood the fact that they must help us deliver business value and they have also had an eye for more long-term strategy objectives and ambitions that we have for the airport”.

“We have had a really good collaboration in the project. The people from Devoteam have been engaged, involved and have made sure that we stuck to timeline etc., but they have also taken good care of involving themselves in the dialogues that are needed for us to figure out what’s the right way to do and how is the right way to go about implementing ServiceNow Discovery”.