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Business systems

The business systems (ERP, SCM, SRM, CRM, HR, BI, etc.) constitute the digital Central Nervous System of a company. They ensure that there is an efficient and coherent network of business processes in the company’s operating model.

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The business systems drive both the company’s core processes in the value chain towards customers in the form of production, distribution and sales – and the administrative processes for management reporting, financial management, procurement management, HR, etc.

The market for business systems is large and confusing to navigate in. There are both large all-encompassing “business suites” and specialized “best of breed” systems. And in both categories there is a large selection of industrial solutions – targeted at very specific industries. There are large global systems and there are smaller local solutions.

The systems are offered with different delivery models – from traditional internal operation to cloud-based services. In addition, business systems are standard framework systems, where optimal adaptation to the individual company is paramount to creating an effective operating model. Therefore, most business systems have created an ecosystem of partners who can configure and adapt the system to a given company’s concrete needs – the so-called implementation partners. Here, too, the market is difficult to monitor, as not all implementation partners are equally suited to deliver within all types of solutions and within all industries. So overall, a market with many opportunities – but also with many pitfalls.

The above clearly shows why selection, acquisition and implementation are crucial tasks for any company that wants the best possible business systems.

Preferred independent advisor

Since 2003, Devoteam – under the name HerbertNathan & Co. – has been the preferred independent advisor for Nordic companies when it comes to all aspects of business systems. The basis for this counselling is experience gained from +250 consultancy assignments – as well as a large number of Danish and Nordic market analyses covering both international and local suppliers. Market analyses help to create transparency and openness in a difficult unmanageable market.

Our advisory services

Strategy for the company’s business systems

Strategy for the company’s business systems ensures that you as a company have the most suitable business systems – both individually and in their composition – in relation to your business needs.

Acquisition of business systems

Acquisition of business systems is uncovering specific business needs and carrying out the specific acquisition process for a new business system.

Implementation of business systems

Implementation of business systems includes services related to the management and implementation of the overall transformation that a company must go through when implementing a new business system.

Optimization of business systems

Optimization of business systems are services that help a company to optimize their use of a business system – often after a longer period of use, when there is no longer a 100% match between the business and the business system.

Operation and maintenance of business systems

Operation and maintenance of business systems includes services around e.g. outsourcing of system maintenance and system operation – as well as management and governance around maintenance and operation.

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Erik Lennings

Director, Business Systems

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