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New Omada integration in ServiceNow improves overall security posture within organisations

With the increasing number of business resources in today’s digital working environments, productivity and security are crucial. As ServiceNow EMEA Elite Partner, Devoteam is happy to share that the Omada security integration is now live and available in the ServiceNow app store.

Less confusion, more security

The Omada integration in ServiceNow makes it easy for users to go to ServiceNow to request an access to business resources, and administrators can grant only the accesses needed for each user, improving efficiency, security, and compliance within organisations.

It is a result of an integrated Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) from Omada and IT Service Management (ITSM) solution in ServiceNow that creates secure workflows. This also generates transparency of who has access to what, for what reason, and when, based on requests.

Some of the benefits of the Omada integration

  • A one stop shop directly in ServiceNow for all business requests.
  • Available on mobile, tablet, and desktop – in the same user interface, making it easy for users to request as well as review and track the status of a request.
  • Users don’t have to be fluent in multiple tools for accessing specific resources.

There are three different types of options when integrating Omada with ServiceNow: Governance, provisioning, and integration. To read more, download the white paper from Omada.

About Omada

Omada is a global market leader in Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), offering a full-featured, enterprise-grade, cloud native IGA solution that enables organisations to achieve compliance, reduce risk, and maximise efficiency. Visit Omada to learn more.

ServiceNow EMEA Elite Partner 2023

We are proud of being recognised as the 2023 ServiceNow EMEA Elite Partner of the Year. This is achieved by our overall excellence in certification and revenue growth as an Elite Partner as well as consistent quality, and deployment growth in our partnership with ServiceNow.