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Sofie now has greater trust in her own decisions

University of Copenhagen: MSc in Economics

My job as a consultant gives me the opportunity to work with many different problems and to get out to many different types of companies

Sofie has studied economics at the University of Copenhagen and worked as a full time consultant in Inviso by Devoteam since 2018.
For Sofie, the mix between data and consultancy is a perfect match, as it has taught her to have greater trust in her own decisions. When she gives clients advice about their data solutions, it is advice from all of Inviso. It adds a great boost to her self-confidence.

How did you decide that you wanted to work as a data consultant?

Before I joined Inviso, I had no idea that the mix between data and consultancy was the perfect match for me. I studied economics because I thought it was exciting, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. I enjoyed working with data sets in Stata and finding the links, but I also wanted a job that wasn’t too monotonous.

I heard about Inviso from a fellow student who worked for them. She showed me Tableau, which is one of the programs that Inviso uses. Tableau was able to process and visualize large quantities of data quickly and clearly, and it seemed really cool to work with.

My friend also told me about how sociable it was as a place to work, and about all the international conferences and team trips that employees get to go on. It sounded really cool, which is why I applied.

What makes data and consultancy a good match?

My job consists mainly of solving clients’ issues by processing and visualizing data to give them the insight they are looking for. A project has many phases, and as a consultant, I’m a part of the entire process – from sales and client meetings to the actual data reporting and final product roll-out with the client.

As a former economic student, I’ve been trained to see companies’ problems and solve them analytically. I love becoming immersed in time-consuming and challenging data sets, until suddenly I’ve solved them. It gives me an enormous sense of success. But I’m not the type to hide down in the basement with my data sets.

As a consultant at Inviso, you get the opportunity to work with many different problems and to visit many different types of companies – from big pharmaceuticals to local football clubs. I get to work with a lot of interesting people, which is why the mix between the data aspect and the consultancy aspect really works for me.

What is the most important thing you have learned?

The most important thing I’ve learned is making decisions.

You’re quickly given responsibility at Inviso, and it can feel really nerve-racking the first time you’re given your own projects and have to make decisions about everything from data solutions to processes. You might think you’re not good enough. But it turns out that you are. You learn to approach a company and present your data solution to the entire management team. They listen to you, and the advice you give the clients comes from all of Inviso. This gives you a lot of self-confidence, which I also now apply in other aspects of my life.

What if you say something that’s incorrect?

The reason that I’ve developed so much in my job is quite clearly because Inviso’s management really trust that I’m using my expertise to make the best decisions. If you make a mistake, we fix it and then you learn from it – which is just as important.

I’ve often got into deep water at Inviso. But there’s always been someone to pull me up to the surface again. We lean on each other a lot in our jobs, and there’s room for all types of questions.

They also prepare new recruits really well with the six-month onboarding course, and you can continue honing your skills in our software programs through courses, training sessions and conferences.

Do you spend all your time working?

Not at all. The reason we work so well together is because we spend a lot of time together – also after work. As well as all the planned parties, Friday bars and shared training, we also eat together, occasionally also after a long day at work. We travel together to conferences and team trips, which is a really good way for us all to gel. Since I’ve been with Inviso, I’ve been to London, Texas and Las Vegas.

In fact, I spend so much time with colleagues that there’s a +1 added to many of our Inviso events so that our partners get a chance to be involved too. It’s really nice getting to know each other outside work too.