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Lise solves Data-Driven challenges

I can easily solve many of the data challenges I recognize from my studies and in a more effective and transparent way

What does your job involve?

Inviso is a relatively young data consultancy, where we help companies develop their business based on data. We work on solving many of the various problems involved in converting data to real insight, which companies can base their decisions on. You also help prepare clients to work effectively with data by themselves.

Much of the work is done either in the data processing software Alteryx or the visualisation tool Tableau, which Inviso is known for using.

Do you need to be familiar with Alteryx and Tableau when you start working at Inviso?

No. If you come from an MSc in mathematics you will already be prepared with a basic understanding of data. You will probably also have a general understanding of business and know how companies work, which will definitely benefit you in your job. You’ll learn to use our tools Alteryx and Tableau on the intensive training course you take during your first six months with the company.

Are your tools really that cool to work with?

If you come from a programming background, where you have worked with SQL, Python or R, you might feel a bit sceptical about working in a program like Alteryx, where it’s more point and click and you don’t see any code.

But I’ve quickly become convinced that Alteryx is a great tool. I can easily solve many of the data challenges I recognize from my studies and in a more effective and transparent way. Even though it can feel a bit like cheating, it’s just really effective. And the fact that the program has a visual flow is of great value to the companies because it doesn’t look like gibberish as other code scripts do for most people. The program makes it easier to explain what you’re doing to clients and allows them to take over so that they can carry on working with the data.

This is an area that we don’t really learn about on our course, and it’s really cool to know that it’s not always the most advanced systems that add the most value to companies.

What is the most important thing you have learned in your job?

The most important thing I’ve learned is that being technically competent isn’t always enough. It’s just as important to be able to communicate your knowledge to many different professional groups.

I never actually did a presentation during my studies and found communicating and talking to clients a little challenging, but the onboarding course really prepares you for the consultancy role. It’s something I’ve really appreciated.

What has surprised you the most?

I am positively surprised at how much Inviso does to keep up with technological developments in our field. Most employees are really curious and interested in technology, so we are constantly kept updated on new trends – this often happens by the coffee machine.

There’s also time set aside to challenge new features in Tableau & Alteryx. You can take accreditations and attend big conferences abroad to get the latest user cases on how large corporations use the software.

But we also spend a lot of time researching new software programs on the market. At Inviso, you don’t need to worry that your skills are suddenly outdated because your field has been taken over by technology. I think this is really cool.

Do you need to be a full-time employee to attend the courses and conferences?

No. Everyone’s invited, even if you’re new or employed part-time alongside your studies. You really feel that all employees are equal here.

I think it’s generally amazing how much Inviso do for their employees.

One thing is the excellent onboarding courses they run, but there are also plenty of social events, such as the Friday bar, sports events and weekly team crossfit sessions. There are also annual events, such as the summer party, Christmas party, annual trip to the Tableau or Alteryx conference, as well as a teambuilding trip. And there’s no shortage of staff benefits either; we get a work Macbook, free sportswear and tasty snacks.

It all helps to make you feel like a valued employee and going to the office is always a pleasure.