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Optimise your entire organisation with Contract Management

Contract Management creates added value and is vital for organisational development. At Devoteam we deliver first-class Contract Management services, and we assist organisations in minimising risks and streamlining contracts for the benefit of the organisation’s development and bottom line.

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Tailor-made solutions

We cover the entire Contract Management discipline; from reviewing a single contract to large comprehensive GAP analysis with subsequent dispute management and negotiation. Devoteam has a wide range of competencies and functions as both executing and instructive Contract Managers. We can assist in the establishment, optimisation, and digitalisation of the core process while also preparing everything from handbooks to governance and educational materials.

At Devoteam we advise companies of all sizes in both the public and private sectors – but no size fits all. We pride ourselves in always tailoring our solutions by analysing the maturity level, requirements, and unique circumstances of each organisation.

Contract Management ensures that the management team and the organisation as a whole is in control of the contract portfolio. Having the knowledge of financial risks and obligations, as well as opportunities and leeway in relation to, for example, the execution of a new strategy or compliance with new requirements (e.g., NIS2), creates valuable insights that can be utilised for well-informed decision-making. Similarly, Contract Management in relation to project management leads to successful projects that meet budget, schedule, and quality.

Devoteam has extensive experience in helping companies across industries, making us your ideal partner in advancing Contract Management. We deliver the highest level of expertise so you can focus on what matters most; growing your business.

We offer

  • Contract strategy, drafting & negotiation
  • Contract and contract portfolio review & risk reduction
  • Governance & organisational implementation
  • Contract Management handbook & training
  • Project Contract Management
  • Contract Management technology analysis & implementation
  • Obligation & Risk Management
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Contract Management as a service
  • AI-driven Contract Management

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Pernille Geil, Head of Transformation at Devoteam Denmark