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Resources to get started with Snowflake and Alteryx

Carlene Østergaard is a data wiz and certified SnowPro at Inviso by Devoteam

To help you get started with Snowflake I have collected a list of resources here that I find helpful and that I think could help you too. 

If you are completely new to Snowflake, you could start by leaning back and watching this introduction made by Snowflake:

What is Snowflake?

When you’re done with the video, here are some more thorough introductions:

  • The best way to get started with snowflake is to create a trial account and try it out. This is a really good 45 minute lab that covers all the basics. I highly recommend walking through it here.
  • There’s also 6 hours of free self guided training available here on the Snowflake website
  • Snowflake cheat sheet: Snowflake in 7 pages
  • In the certification guide there is a long list of videos. These videos are a perfect way to get introduced to Snowflake. 

Using Snowflake and Alteryx Together

Combining Snowflake and Alteryx opens new possibilities for many data tasks. Here’s an overview of some resources to help with that: