How the Nordics act on sustainability 2022

Get the results of the Devoteam 2022 Annual Survey on Nordic corporate action on sustainability and inspiration to reach your sustainability goals in a cost-effective and value generating way.

The results show that the gap between sustainability intention and action is getting smaller, and the pressure for action is growing. The pressure is not just about regulatory demand. It comes just as much – if not more – from customers, employees and the top management itself, who increasingly views it as one of the central issues to master in order to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.

But sustainability does not come cheap, particular if you want to be among the frontrunners. This makes the sustainable business case more critical to master than ever, to make sure you invest in sustainability where it will be most beneficial to your overall business.

For more information about data collection and findings, reach out to our Senior Sustainability Consultant, Sif Neldeborg,