HCM systems in Denmark

The HCM system market is dynamically developing and changing. Digitalization of HR functions is receiving increased attention, and companies are investing in HCM systems that enable technological transformation.

New technologies and their functionality provide beneficial tools such as predictive analysis, artificial intelligence, and new ways to apply core functionality. However, the wrong choice of a system and its vendor can be costly both in regards to resources and time. Therefore, making the correct selection thereof is crucial for the success of both the company and its project.

Based on in-depth analysis and our many years of experience, we have created an unbiased strategic analysis of the HCM system market in Denmark for you as a useful tool to support the selection and procurement processes, when determining which system and vendor suit your company’s requirements.

The report uncover:

  • Which HCM systems are available on the Danish market and show differences between these.
  • What are the market drivers and trends that shape the workplace and influence the development of the HCM systems.
  • The impact of emerging technologies on HCM systems and HCM workplace.
  • Possible benefits that could be obtained from an HCM project.
  • Important aspects when selecting an HCM system.
  • Cost aspects to consider when selecting an HCM system.

Enjoy the report!