DevoTalk: Your data-driven journey with Looker

Google Cloud

These days most companies are looking to become more data driven, so they can become more evidence based in the decision making that occurs within a company.

The Looker suite is a set of data analytics tools within Google Cloud Platform that can help you at any point of this journey, whether you are just a beginner or are an advanced user of data.

Join this DevoTalk to see the milestones on the way to becoming data driven and assess where you are on that journey, as well as learn how the Looker suite can help you explore and visualize your data.

What you get from participating:

  • The milestones of becoming a data driven company
  • Learn how Looker, Looker Studio and Looker Studio Pro works and how it can help you in becoming data driven

This DevoTalk is for you who is CMO, Head of Digital Marketing, Head of Data, or CTO.