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Feedback on Forretningssystemer 2016

Forretningssystemer 2016 is a conference evolved around IT-business systems, and is the largest of its kind in Denmark. The conference is arranged by HerbertNathan & Co. who brings the best companies within the field of ERP-, BI-, CRM-systems and other Best-of-Breed applications, together for the conference. Forretningssystemer is a platform for presenting the newest progress and trends of the marked, provided by suppliers through customer cases, supplier battles, and company presentations. The conference targets large and medium-sized companies based in Denmark, who are in interested in new business systems and new knowledge.

Forretningssystemer offers a unique opportunity to companies in search of new systems, giving them access to more than 45 different suppliers of IT-business applications in one place, and in one day. Besides being a conference that enables an informal contact between suppliers and customers, it is also a day where suppliers gain insights from one another. They join each other’s presentations, expanding both their knowledge and their network. Forretningssystemer is therefore a conference that provides new business opportunities on different levels, because it serves as a forum for suppliers where current agendas of the marked are address and discussed, forming grounds for new ideas and partnerships.

Every year Forretningssystemer has a pertinent topic as an overlying theme. This year’s theme ‘The role of IT-business systems in the digital transformation’ was mediated by Søren B. Sørensen, Devoteam and Torben Storgaard, HerbertNathan & Co. through a keynote of similar title, which kick-started the conference. The joined keynote, showed how well newly merged Devoteam and HerbertNathan & Co. complement each other’s strengths, and received high appraisal from the audience. More than 450 people attended Forretningssystemer 2016, and close to 300 different companies where represented.

This is the fifth time Forretningssystemer has been carried out. Each time it has expanded in attendees and exhibitors by continuously providing a day with a current agenda and top content. This year was no exception.

Although I have attended good conferences before, both as a customer as well as an exhibitor, Forretningssystemer last Thursday was a true milestone. It marked the change from “the past” to “the present””. –  Exhibitor Forretningssystemer 2016, Mathias Pejstrup, Sales Solutions Manager, Oracle.

Forretningssystemer 2016 surely was a hub for obtaining new knowledge and getting new business relations within the marked, where an open frame of mind characterized the day.

We are already looking forward to Forretningssystemer 2017!