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Devoteam Data Driven X NOVO NORDISK

Analysts at Novo Nordisk use Tableau and Alteryx every day – Tableau to easily visualize data, Alteryx to easily prepare and blend important information with a repeatable workflow-based approach. When combined they give organizations the power to take advantage of all their data, internal or external, for deeper, faster insights.

For example, requirements like blending data from SQL Server with external data from another database or Excel, or combining several tables from the SQL Server can be solved with Alteryx. This can then easily go directly into Tableau to support great data visualization.

What is Alteryx?

Alteryx empowers line-of-business users and analysts with self-service data analytics so they can easily prep, blend, and analyze all their data using a repeatable workflow, for deeper insights in hours, not weeks.

  • Access all your data, regardless of the source
  • Prepare, cleanse, and blend multiple sources of data, regardless of the structure or format
  • Create analytic models. Statistical, predictive or spatial – with no coding
  • Output results to formats like PDF, Excel, Analytic Apps or Tableau
  • For more information about Alteryx check our Alteryx SharePoint site by typing “alteryx/“ in you browser.
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What is Tableau?

You’re in the driver’s seat with Tableau Desktop’s intuitive drag and drop interface. Author and share rich visualizations, reports and dashboards.

  • Web-based analytics in minutes, not days
  • In-memory data engine makes your slow databases and files super speedy
  • Compelling presentations for internal and external meetings
  • Use built-in connectors to more than 30 data sources
  • For more information about Tableau check our Tableau SharePoint site by typing “tableau/“ in you browser.
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