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30. maj 2024 - 09:00-13:00

AI in the Cloud: Simplifying Business Intelligence

Kampmannsgade 2 1604 København V

As businesses grow, the demand for efficient, scalable data solutions becomes crucial. Tableau Cloud meets these needs by simplifying data management, ensuring your focus remains on insights – not infrastructure.

But it doesn’t end there! With Tableau Pulse, a feature exclusive to Tableau Cloud, data analytics has never been easier. This AI-powered feature enables you to effortlessly navigate through complex information and translate it into actionable insights.

So why is this event a must-attend?

Learn directly from the experiences of Lenus eHealth, as they share their experiences with Tableau, highlighting how the platform has improved their operations and decision-making processes. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to see how Tableau Cloud can elevate your data analytics and decision-making processes. Join us for a day filled with learning, networking, and innovation.



By Nikolaj Frøsig, Partner Manager, Devoteam Data Driven

Tableau Cloud

By Janne Lind, Tableau. Discover the advantages of Tableau Cloud and why it’s the smart choice for your data needs. Learn about performance, security, and a host of innovative features that add value to your operations, all through the convenience of the cloud.

Tableau Pulse

By Janne Lind, Tableau. One of the key features unlocked by using Tableau Cloud is Tableau Pulse. We’ll explore how Tableau Pulse enables you to achieve larger and quicker insights.

Short break
How to succeed in your journey to become more data driven

By Cedric Wacker, Senior Consultant, Devoteam Data Driven

Client Case: Lenus eHealth

By Adithya Sailesh, Lenus eHealth. Hear directly from Lenus eHealth, who will share insights and experiences from their own Tableau journey from Server to Cloud.

Lunch and networking


Janne Lind

Lead Solutions Engineer, Tableau

Adithya Sailesh

Head of Advanced Analytics & Automations, Lenus eHealth

Cedric Wacker

Senior Consultant, Devoteam Data Driven

Nikolaj Frøsig

Partner Manager & Lead Consultant, Devoteam Data Driven

30. maj 2024 - 09:00-13:00

AI in the Cloud: Simplifying Business Intelligence