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9. juni 2022 - 10:00-10:45

DevoTalk: How to achieve continuous Azure (cloud) security

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Online event

The webinar is held. View the recording here.

Cloud security is not traditional security – it is different.

Securing data and resources of Azure cloud begins with an understanding of what to ensure and how to get it right. An Azure security assessment is the way to establish that foundational knowledge.

During this webinar we will share our experiences from the field about:

  • The different type of insight an assessment can provide and its relevance
  • Different approaches to perform assessment
  • How to use the information provided and common pitfalls to avoid
  • How to maintain and overview of the security posture going forward (standalone assessment is a snapshot only)

We look forward to having you onboard and hope to inspire your cloud approach.

This DevoTalk is for you who makes IT decisions with an interest in securing cloud workloads i.e. CIOs, operational IT managers, security managers, or equivalent.



Mustafa Toroman

Solutions Architect, Devoteam M Cloud

Mustafa is a solution architect focused on cloud-native applications and migrating existing systems to the cloud. He is very interested in DevOps processes and cybersecurity, and he is also an Infrastructure as Code enthusiast. Mustafa often speaks at international conferences about cloud technologies. He has been an MVP for Microsoft Azure since 2016, a C# Corner MVP and DevOps Institute ambassador since 2020. Mustafa has also authored several books about Microsoft Azure and cloud computing.


Martin Mølvig

Expert Director, Devoteam Cyber Trust

Martin is Expert Director and a specialist in cybersecurity. He has more than 20 years experience designing, building, and modernizing complex IT-systems. He works with security strategy, cyber detection services, and solutions for destructive cyberattacks in general. He is an experienced advisor on the cybersecurity topic.

9. juni 2022 - 10:00-10:45

DevoTalk: How to achieve continuous Azure (cloud) security